Expo, Big Companies Members Of The Italia Del Gusto Consortium Participate In Cibus È Italia Bringing Their Brands Into The Kitchen Of Eataly

“We will participate in Expo Milano 2015 catering both the professional operators and the visiting public; our member companies will therefore be able to present their corporate history and their production chain while also matching their big brands to quality catering” - states Alberto Volpe, the Director of Italia del Gusto, the consortium comprising 30 of the major companies of the Italian food&beverage industry. He announces the participation of the Consortium in Expo 2015, which will be present in the Pavilion Cibus è Italia of Federalimentare and in ItalyisEataly, the food court of the renowned chain.
The Consortium has been working since 2006 to spread worldwide the best of branded gastronomy; member companies join their skills to cope with the challenges of internationalization through state-of-the-art and comprehensive activities: workshops, business matching events all over the world, major Exhibitions or special projects such as EXPO. All companies own important brands of great renown to the public of the food industry such as: Aia, Alegra, Ambrosoli, Amica Chips, Auricchio, Barilla, Bauli, Bonomelli-Polenta Valsugana, Cannamela, Cirio, Colussi, Delicius, Fabbri, Filippo Berio, Food, Illycaffè, Medusa, Negroni, Noberasco, Novi, Orogel, Parmalat, Parmareggio, Pastificio Rana, Ponti, Rio Mare, Riso Gallo, San Benedetto, Santa Margherita, Santa Rosa, Sartori, Simmenthal, Valfrutta, Valsoia, Vecchia Romagna and Zonin1821.

Cibus è Italia - Federalimentare
The Italia del Gusto Consortium will be housed in the Federalimentare Pavilion (stretching over 5.000 sq m on 3 floors - each floor is devoted to the businesses of a specific production chain - to house a total of 420 companies representing 1000 brands); in particular a dedicated lounge covering 200 sq m has been reserved for the Italia del Gusto Consortium located on the third floor and having access to a terrace where events will be organized to entertain both visitors and businesses representatives offering drinks and finger foods the whole day long.
Exactly as the other companies exhibiting within the Cibus è Italia Pavilion, also the Italia del Gusto Consortium will be present with a special outfit featuring panels, video walls and LCD displays to let the visitors live an authentic edutainment experience.
All the businesses belonging to the Consortium will show video clips and short institutional films focusing on their companies family traditions, main values, quality standards, production chain, as well as on the history of their own companies and brands. Furthermore, the companies belonging to the consortium will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to buyers and business operators thanks to the dedicated incoming programmes developed by Federalimentare, which besides the admission to Expo also schedule visits to the exhibiting companies production sites.

From businesses to final consumers. The Companies belonging to the Italia del Gusto Consortium also took the challenge of being present among the big caterers of Eataly, indeed one of the most important food courts at Expo, with over 16,000 sqm including the indoors area and the gardens, which is going to offer 20 different types of catering options.
Italia del Gusto, in close cooperation with Eataly, developed the Ristorante delle Grandi Marche Italiane (The Restaurant of the Great Italian Brands), which is strategically located exactly at one of the two Eataly restaurants entrance gates. The whole area stretches over 500 sqm, between the indoors area and the garden. The restaurant will feature open kitchens so that visitors will enjoy looking at the chefs while preparing their dishes while dedicated shelves in the exhibiting area will display the products they will use in their culinary preparations.
The “Grandi Marche Italiane” Restaurant will offer the visitors rotating menus and the dishes will be prepared by using the Great Italian Brands products by thus creatively representing the Italian culinary tradition.

“Thanks to this partnership – stated the Director of the Consortium - Eataly reaffirms that the great cuisine is not only represented by “presidia” and little niche productions, but also by the Italian excellence of branded food products, an authentic synonym for history and unparalleled quality assurance in Italy and all over the world”..