Giovanni Rana presents: “Italia del Gusto”

The President, Giovanni Rana today introduced in New York “Taste of Italy”, a consortium comprising of the top Italian firms offering high quality products in the food sector.

Giovanni Rana in New York

The presentation was held during the official visit to Washington and New York of Italy’s Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Paolo de Castro.

The “Italia del Gusto” Consortium is made up of 21 important companies in the food industry, all sharing the interest to communicate and promote their products to the international markets: Amica Chips, Auricchio, Barilla - Mulino Bianco, Cirio - Conserve Italia, Cremonini Montana, Food, Granarolo, Illy, Italia Zuccheri, Noberasco, Orogel, Parmacotto, Parmalat - Santal, Rana, Regnoli, Riso Gallo, Salov, Sammontana, Sanbenedetto, Unigrana Parmareggio, and Veronesi.

‘’We are talking about the finest companies of the Italian food industry. Our objective is to promote internationally the ‘’Italian eating culture’’, with high quality products and renowned trademarks into the American market. As Italian fashion has spread throughout the world, our Consortium proposes to spread Italian food & taste in the same way.

“I am extremely happy to talk about this organization here in the United States, a country where the quality of Italian food is always appreciated. It is a country that I love and I know very well.

Italian food products highlight the most significant values of the Italian lifestyle: refinement, tradition, quality, style, beauty. In a nutshell, good taste and lifestyle. Eating Italian-style is a choice of quality.

“The Consortium is beginning its marketing activities in the USA and will assist with the promotion of its members. This will involve communication with and the promotion of the products with retailers, the food service channel, and moreover to the sector”, declared Mr. Giovanni Rana, president of “Taste of Italy”.