Balocco - Buoni dal 1927

The Balocco Family's passion for confectionery dates back to 1927, when Francesco Antonio Balocco opened his first confectioner's shop across the road from the Castle of the Princes of Acaja at Fossano, soon to be followed by a second shop on Via Roma, right in the middle of town. The major transformation came in the Post-War years, as Aldo, Antonio's son and still Honorary President of the Company, made Balocco into a modern industrial concern. Production operations were moved to a purpose-built 5,000 m2 plant, with a workforce of 30. 1970 saw the opening of the Via Santa Lucia plant, where the company is still based, which now, in 2019, has grown through a series of expansion projects to a size of 58,000 m2.

During the last 10 years, Balocco has expanded its business impressively: from 2008 to 2018 sales rose by over 60% to € 185 million.Its growth has been supported by a major investment plan involving the acquisition of new technologies and the upgrading of existing ones, with a strong focus on sustainable production issues.

Today, the company offers a wide range of baked confectionery products including traditional Italian feast-day yeast cakes, breakfast biscuits and industrial confectionery. Alongside the Balocco brand, in 2017 it also launched the “Bottega Balocco-Italian Bakery 1927” brand, used on products produced at F.I.CO. Eatalyworld, where the company has a "showcase factory", a place where the skills and creativity of craftsmen combine with state-of-the-art industrial technologies and processes, in a homage to the confectioner's shop that was the start of everything for the Balocco family, proud confectioners since 1927. The history of the Balocco business is indistinguishable from that of the family that has led it for three generations, with a love of its mission, daily hard work and an undying passion, working to bring sweetness to the lives of millions of consumers worldwide.