Bonomelli - Over 100 years of experience for your well-being.

Bonomelli, which has always been Italy’s market leader in the production of chamomile and has always been synonymous with this very market, has a full range of products that preserves all the beneficial properties of Chamomile.

The impressive Bonomelli tradition dates back to 1908, when Luigi Amedeo Bonomelli gave rise to the production of liqueurs and syrups. In 1920, thanks to its success in the liquor business, the company also directed its activity toward herbal products, which in those days were sold only in pharmacies. Afterwards, in 1926, the first two herb-based products were created: Camomilla Bonomelli and Espresso Bonomelli, chamomile mixed with other herbs. Following the advent of new products, the first Italian facility for drying chamomile was built in Foggia in 1939; this facility is even now the most advanced in the selection of seeds, cultivation, harvesting and flower drying.

The impact of the Second World War was felt everywhere and after the bombing on 13th, 15th and 16th August 1943, the head office and the workshop in Milan were half-destroyed. Bonomelli then decided to move the business to a town which then became the relaunch headquarters of the company, Dolzago, in the district of Como. In this small town the manufacturer built a very solid relationship with the local community based on collaboration. In addition to being a crucial business opportunity, the company immediately participated in the development of community services, especially in the water business. Apart from being at the helm of his company, this great sense of civil responsibility led Luigi Amedeo Bonomelli to the role of mayor of the city for almost two decades, from 1946 to 1962. Bonomelli has been increasingly growing ever since the end of the war, which is the reason why its undisputed leadership in the target market is still maintained.