Polenta Valsugana

Polenta Valsugana, market leader in Italy in the production of maize flour, has a full range of products made with 100% corn flour and no preservatives. You can easily prepare authentic maize porridge in minutes, according to an old-established tradition.

It all started when an Italian, who emigrated in search of fortune in the U.S., had an idea - which came from his nostalgia for the taste of good homemade food... from Italy!

  • The 1920’s Chicago, USA - an Italian immigrant invents a mix of steam-precooked corn flour which allows the possibility to prepare polenta in minutes according to Italian traditions
  • The 1930’s The Polenta Valsugana brand is created, launched and widely distributed in the United States of America
  • The 1950’s the product is also distributed in Italy

  • 1996: Bonomelli buys Polenta Valsugana and joins the Montenegro Group
  • 2004: Polenta Valsugana now has something new: Ready-made Polenta Valsugana, new and versatile, with the intense golden color of corn, made for immediate use according to your taste and creativity
  • Today: Polenta Valsugana is a leader in its sector and is synonymous with the market. It provides the consumer with high standards of quality that are consistent over time, thus ensuring a perfect mixture between tradition and innovation