Ponti - For more than 150 Years our history has a different taste

We have been cultivating a culture of taste for over 150 years by seeking uncompromising quality, building up the way to innovation and sustainability. This is our strenght to conquer homes and kitchens all over the world, drawing upon our Italian gourmet heritage while opening up to new flavours.

When creating our products we show our deep respect for local traditions by selecting raw materials which must meet our strict standards. We started with vinegars, an international success story coming from a true connoisseur art that the Ponti family has been preserving and passing down over five generations. Then our activities have grown from classic Wine Vinegars on to unparalleled PGI Balsamic Vinegars of Modena, a brilliant combination of must and prime wine vinegar, followed by maturing or certified ageing in barrels of various wood types. Last but not least, our Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, made from 100% organic Italian apples, which keep all their properties unaltered.

We have been providing unique taste experiences since 1867, by serving great classics such as Peperlizia Premium Italian Antipasti, Vegetables in Oil, Pickles and Pasta Sauces to your tables. Yet we are also driven to innovation with our glazes, a thick sweet-and-sour blend of prime-selection ingredients to add new, creative tasty flavours to your dishes. Our aim is to appeal boundless taste and trends.